This is the home on the web for Jerry McCann. He's a working musician, singer/songwriter and teacher. He's a guy who was bit by the music bug as a kid, and made the muse his teacher. Music is a way for Jerry to make some sense out of life.

Many folks get caught up in music and find it's not an easy way to make a living. On the other hand, they never give music the opportunity to BE their life. Jerry did, and the music has been his life for over a half century. He's played with and shared the stage with many music icons. Zappa, Garcia, the Moody Blues, Santana, Steve Miller, Creedence, Chicago, Paul Butterfield, to name a few.

He's gone through the communal days of living on the Russian River in Northern California. He's had his share of record and music biz fiascoes, and come out of it all on the upside of life. Jerry McCann is a successful artist, who loves what he does and does what he loves. He will continue to live the music until the day he leaves this rock.

Today, five albums and countless sets later, he continues to perform, write, and record. In 1991, he added teaching to the curriculum. More on that later. When he's not playing live, playing his own songs or giving new life to classic rock, jazz, reggae and blues, electric or acoustic, he's busy teaching people how to love and play the music they choose.

Jerry's music is his religion and the stage his church.

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