A great number of artists are content to play their music for an audience, go home and forget about the rest. With this guy, we're dealing with something different. Somewhere along his career path he decided to teach. Being a working musician, a singer/songwriter and an artist who has worked many stages, he believes he can offer more than many teachers.

He focuses, individually, on each students desire to learn a specific style of guitar. Whether it's just strumming a few chords, or getting into complex musical theory, he lets students pick the music and style they want to learn, and then helps them achieve their own goals. He offers instruction in singing, guitar, bass, harmonica, and beginning flute. He can also help with songwriting, performing, and stagecraft. He works with all ages, beginning, intermediate, and advanced playing techniques.

Lessons are given at American Music Exchange (AMX) at 204 N. El Camino Real in Encinitas, 92024

Cost is as follows: $35.00 per 30 minute lesson. If you purchase 4 or more lessons, the price is $30.00 per lesson. Payable in advance by check or cash (sorry, no credit cards).

Contact Jerry at 760-633-1942 or e-mail at jerrymccann@cox.net

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