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Ain't That The Life - from What It Is & What It Was

Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind - J. Sebastian from What It Is & What It Was

Keep Coming Back - from What It Is & What It Was

New Girl At Work from the album Blueplate Special

The Real Power ( I Heard A Voice) from Blueplate Special

Seaside Living - from All Lit Up Like The Moon

The Distance - from All Lit Up Like The Moon

1965 to 1967 The Orfuns:
      "The Animal in Me" and "I Can't Be Treated This Way" Recorded in 1965. Produced by Andy Di Martino, released in 1966 on Double Shot Records. Both songs written by Jerry McCann. "The Animal in Me is now available on "Uptight Tonight" The Ultimate 60's Garage Collection. Ace Records Ltd CDWIKD 255

1968 The National Debt. A short lived group (destined for bigger things later). Personnel: Jack Jacobsen on Keyboards, Rick Cutler on Drums, Greg Willis on Bass, Jerry McCann on Vocals and Guitar.

1968 to 1970 Framework:
      Started as a 5 piece with Cliff Lentz on Keyboards, Drew Gallahar on Bass, Danny Orlino on Lead Guitar, Carl Spiron on Drums, Jerry McCann on Guitar and vocals. The 5 piece cut a demo and received local airplay. "Iron Door" and "Funny Kind of Sunshine" Both songs written by Jerry McCann. The group evolved into a 3 piece in 1969. Carl Spiron on Drums and Terry Fann on Bass and Vocals, Jerry McCann on Lead Guitar and Vocals. They recorded a self- produced single in late 1969. "I'm Gonna Move" and "The Direction". Both songs written by Terry Fann. The single was released on the Harvey Swartz label. It received a lot of airplay all over Southern California. Framework have a double L.P. and C.D. released on Rockadelic records and Shadoks music. Produced by Clark Faville The band opened up for a long list of major acts, Mothers of Invention, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Steve Miller, Moody Blues, Taj Mahal, Paul Butterfield, and many more.

1970 to 1972 A Show of Hands:
      Rick Cutler and Jack Jacobsen started a power duo. They called themselves Anthrax (no not that Anthrax)! They were signed to Elekta records in 1969. They recorded an instrumental album called Anthrax. The suits at the label thought they needed a singer and someone who could play guitar. They called Jerry McCann and he jumped at the chance to play with his old friends from the National Debt. They moved to the Russian River, north of San Francisco. They started playing every day and in about 6 months they had enough material for an album. They recorded in L.A. and the label had some problems with what they had. The name Anthrax, was a problem. It was too negative. Formerly Anthrax was suggested and Elektra said "You can call the album that, but you still need a group name." A Show of Hands was suggested and the label said O.K. From that moment on, the band always called themselves Formerly Anthrax, and the album was called A Show of Hands. Ironically, the label later signed a band from the mid-west called ANTHRAX. Go figure. Elektra was sold to a conglomerate, Jim Morrison died, and everything changed.

     Jerry stayed around L.A. and Rick and Jack went back to the redwoods. McCann recorded a demo for Elektra with Ron Middag producing and Bill Blue engineering. Elektra passed on that. After a few months, Jerry had enough of L.A. and went home to San Diego. He settled in the North county and time passed. For the next two decades, Jerry played and performed around the San Diego area. He did both solo and band work, most importantly, he kept writing. He worked with many talented players and writers, collaborated and recorded.

     Jerry started working on a self produced album featuring his material. Songs that he had written and performed for many years. He had a great group of players. Paul Bleifuss on drums, J. Jorgensen on bass, Raphael Hendricks on percussion, Johnnie ( boogieman ) Intrabartolo on Keyboards. The album is called Blue Plate Special it's available on C.D. One of the songs "New Girl at Work" was featured on the 2nd season premier of HBO's "Cathouse the series". Another portion of "The Last Sad Song" was used in a surf movie.

      Jerry McCann and Ron Middag
had known each other for many years. They met when Jerry was performing "live" on KPRI. KPRI was the first "underground" station that played free-form music. When Jerry left San Diego for Formerly Anthrax, Ron went to L.A. on the #1 FM station in that market. After awhile he came to Elektra as a promotion rep. They have stayed in touch for over 40 years. Ron and Jerry decided they wanted to work together on a project. "All Lit Up Like the Moon" was the result. Jerry had gotten such a powerful reaction to "The Last Sad Song" from Blue Plate Special, he wanted to do an album of acoustic music he had written. When Jerry was playing on KPRI in 1968, Ron heard Jerry do a medley of "Whiter Shade of Pale/A Day in the Life, Ron asked Jerry to try it again. Those are 2 of the most popular downloads on the C.D.

2008 - 2010:
  At a party in October 2008, McCann ran into Bill Blue. Bill and Jerry had worked on that demo that Ron Middag produced in 1972. They got to talking about a song that was on that demo, "Without Expression", by a singer/songwriter from the bay area named Terry Reid. Jerry still loved that song and Bill wanted to record it again. This time without money and time restraints. They worked on that song for 3 months, just for a breather, they started working some other songs. Then some more songs. And now we are proud to announce, "What It Is & What It Was". Soon to be released on Blind Owl Music.


Lite Up Like The Moon CD
What It Is & What It Was_front cover

Blue Plate Special

1. You're Walking In My Sleep
2. One & Only Couple
3. Spark to a Fuse
4. Blue Plate Special
5. New Girl At Work
6. Whole Grain of Truth
7. Song of Few Words
8. Rosie Feeling
9. The Real Power (I Heard a Voice)
10.Last Sad Song
Music & Lyrics by Jerry McCann .



All Lit Up Like The Moon

1. Seaside Living
2. The Night You Danced Away
3. The Distance
4. Adrienne Cherrie
5. Nobody Knows
6. Where Did Why Go Wrong
7. Time To Time (Mac's Song)
8. Fly By Night
9. Mt. Olympus Breakdown
10. All I Want Is To Get Away From It All
11. Manny Is A Dog's Best Friend
12. Mother's Day
13. Whiter Shade Of Pale
14. A Day In The Life
15. Amazing Grace



1. What It Was II
2. Ain't That the Life
3. That Lady Is You
4. God Bless Those Cocktail Lounges
5. Without Expression
6. Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind
7. Lady in a Cul-de-Sac
8. You Know Where to Find Me
9. Maria Angelina
10. Compassion for the Stranger
11. Vengeance in the Name of Love
12. Somebody's Leaving
13. Keep Coming Back
14. What It Was I

All songs written by J.McCann except for # 5 Written by Terry Reid and #6 written by John Sebastian , and #14 words by J. McCann , Music by J.McCann and B. Fitzsimmons.